From Our Partners

We work with our partners in all facets of audio and video storytelling, from podcasts to documentaries.

We can draft, edit and finalize scripts, complete storyboards, revise and reformat existing copy for audio and video formats, conduct market research, evaluate, assess and refine works in progress, develop advertising strategies, broker funding partnerships, recruit on-air and on-camera talent, location scout, negotiate licensing and other rights, and a host of related services.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Democracy In Color

We produce the current season of the Democracy in Color podcast, which will get listeners ready as the November elections approach. Aimee Allison, host and president of Democracy in Color, elevates the national conversation about a post-Trump electorate, the ascension of voters of color, and the surge in political leaders of all stripes. We’ll hear from strategists, thinkers, candidates and power players who speak candidly about the the transition to a new political era thanks in large part to the New American Majority. Aimee is joined each week by our political insider, Tim Molina from Courage Campaign, for analysis and context on local shifts and national movements.


The Phi Beta Kappa Society

We produce the forthcoming podcast from The Phi Beta Kappa Society's Visiting Scholars Program, featuring leading scholars across multiple disciples in conversation with Fred Lawrence, PBK's CEO.

Latino USA

We edit radio stories We edit radio stories for Latino USA, the Peabody Award-winning longest-running program and podcast centered on the 55 million Americans of Latino descent.


We provided editorial and production consultation for season three of Offshore Podcast: The Blood Calls by Civil Beat in Honolulu.The latest installment of this enthralling long-form narrative audio series focuses on the Marshall Islands and how the U.S. irreversibly changed that nation's destiny after testing nuclear weapons on their land. It won an 2018 EPPY Award from Editor & Publisher magazine for ``Best Podcast`` (under one million downloads).


We're consulting with one of the country's leading public radio stations to relaunch one of its beloved radio shows as a podcast. Working closely with the host and production team, we're crafting episode themes and structures, identifying and securing guests, defining a development and roll-out strategy, writing softly scripted elements, conducting pre-interviews and organizing host prep materials, as well as participating in all elements of pre and post production.