August Sun

Javier, an Argentine expat living in Europe, is back in his hometown of Buenos Aires following his father's death to help his mother, Miriam, who suffers from mental health issues.

August Sun, a dramatic comedy, is a story with a character study at its heart about a son reconnecting with his ailing mother while mired in bureaucratic paperwork, heavy traffic, long queues and bad manners.

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About the Director

Franco Volpi


After studying journalism at Palermo University, Franco left Buenos Aires and moved to Spain, where he studied Film Directing at the Ciudad de la Luz Film School. After graduating, he moved to the UK to complete an MA in Filmmaking at the London Film School. There, he has worked as a Writer, Director, Editor, Sound Recordist, Spark, AC and Cam Op on numerous short film and documentary projects, digitally, on 16mm and 35mm film. From his previous works, the short ``Low Cost`` stands out, having been singled out by many international festivals. August Sun will be his seventh film as Writer/Director, his most ambitious to date.